Lorne Big Cat

A SHAKEN tourist returned only a short way into a walk to Erskine Falls near Lorne yesterday to report a big black cat sighting.
The man believed to be in his 20s was with his girlfriend about 2.5km into the Erskine Falls walk when he saw a black cat about 11.30am.

"He looked quite shocked and quite terrified," a Lorne Visitor Information Centre spokeswoman said.

His girlfriend told information centre staff she saw the tail of the animal before it went into bushes and believed it may have been the size of a large dog. She told staff she was unsure what the animal was and was happy to continue the walk while her partner decided to call it quits.
"He looked quite shaken by the experience," the spokeswoman said..

"He said he'd never heard the stories about the black cats before so he had no preconceptions."

The track is known for its wildlife sightings but not usually of the puma variety.