Beechworth Victoria Cat Sighting

Hi Mike
Just had an encounter with a big cat in beechworth. 29/01/2013. Time was round abouts 2:30 pm. Roughly 500 metres downstream from Kangaroo crossing. The critter was on the beechworth side. I was in the gully, 20-30 meters further downstream. My partner was in the car on the other side parked where we had driven down a track from the main track. we were there for 2 hours before she saw it. Staring at her from across the gully. It was in front of a large tree. It was about 4 metres back from the edge of the gully. It was 20 to 25 meters directly across from her. She locked eyes with it for 2 seconds and it bolted upstreamward. Her description matches a Panther. She described it as black, large, muscles, cat like. large head. Smooth black fur.Yellow eyes. Very large dog sized as far as size goes or easily the width of our car. No , didnt have time to get the phone n take a picture, nor as we were driving back quizing her on just what she has seen did I go up the gully to have a look around. The yellow eyes were the clincher, oh and the size of it. Her actual description had it as beautiful. Though dangerous looking. She then yelled out to me as it took off. I was totally unaware of it or anything larger then the 1 large grey spider I saw. On a side note our day at Bendigo was much better and seemed to have much more prospects then our time spent at Beechworth.