Brindabella Ranges Big Cat

About 25 years ago we were driving from Canberra across the Brindabella Ranges just above the valley at dusk. As we drove along the road near a pine forest for about a minute we were able to observe a very large cat trotting along one row of trees in from the edge of the forest.

As darkness was falling and the animal was some distance away we cannot be sure exactly what it was but all its movements and body shape indicated a large dark coloured cat. Possibly a puma, or leopard. I think of Jaguars as being a bit more solidly built than this animal appeared and it didn't have the body shape of a cheetah and was too small to be an adult lion or tiger. Its colouring appeared to be one solid colour with out stripes or spots.

It was an amazing sight and we stopped the car in awe and watched while it trotted over a bank and disappeared.