Our first big cat sighting

Hi guys,

Very excited to have had our first big cat sighting this afternoon!We were exploring the roads and 4wd trails around ###### in Victoria  at about 530 this afternoon when we crested a hill to see a dark animal about 200m away, it looked big, it was side on and about the length of half the fire road
width. I'd estimate about 3 feet tall. It was black, looked right at us but as we got closer it turned and ran. It was far more slender than a dog, and ran like a cat - and very very fast! It went down the road and ducked off into the scrub.We hung around with the engine off in the hope that it would return, but of course it did not.We then looked up big cat sightings in xxxxxxx and were excited to find this was not the first one!I have the exact GPS coordinates of where we sighted it and hope to return.Do you know if anyone has had any luck in baiting a big cat (ie with meat)to return? We hope to be able to properly photograph it (as a keen amateurphotographer I have plenty of fast, long lenses) in the future. I'm not sure if they roam over a large area, or are likely to return to that spot.It seems the have been a number of sightings around dusk, as was ours.I notice many people are accused of being drunk or somewhat impaired when the sightings are made, we were neither. My partner is a Dr of Microbiology and Molecular Biology who works I'm animal health and I am the MD of a small
company with a background in engineering and physics.I hope this data can be of some use, if you have any tips for attracting and photographing such an animal, I'd love to hear them!