Grampians Big Cat

G'day Mike.
I sent this to VicParks, then found you website, you might be interested.
My name is William and i am from Adelaide. We recently spent a week in the beautiful Grampians and plan to get back very soon.On our 2nd day there (28th sept) we were driving up a single vehicle track called the **** Track between*** rd and *****  Creek rd when a massive cat jumped out in front of out 4wd and dissappeared into the bushes. I shouted "thats one big bloody cat", a guess at its size was probably 0.5m high and at least 1m in length head to backside. Its legs were really thick and it was black, we seen it from about 15-20m away and only for about 2-3 seconds, it didnt look at us, it just ran... slowly, if it was a horse it would have been like a gallop. Just slow enough for us to be 100% sure it was a cat, with cat like movements.I just thought i would share it with you's as ive had a look on google and it seems we are not the only ones to have seen a big ass cat around the Grampians, it will definately make for good conversation.
At the time i though it was a massive feral cat. It was only later that day when we were back at the campsite that i actually had a think about it, the cat must have been 20kg or more. I now wish i had stopped as the track was sandy and it would have left some decent foot prints.