Victorian Big Cats

My name is Trevor #### ,today at around 1615Hrs a  very large black cat ran in front of my 4wd as I was coming home from shooting rabbits. I live between ##### and ##### in  Victorias south west.The sighting was around 2Km dirrectly between my house.The cat was around 4.5-5 feet from tip to  tip and come from the side of the road,crossed into the other side of the road with 1 large leap.It then ran up the fence line amongst the scrub into the  bluegum plantation which is owned by ###. I have always had my doubts about them and  the rumours about them,but now I am absolutly convinced they exist.I have shot numerous cats in the area  especially when we first bought the property in 2003,as there was feral cats everywhere.I have also seen how people mistake the swamp wallabies we have in  the area for big cats.This was no wallaby,it was definately a cat as it crossed the road about 50-60 meters in front of me.Its is either a huge feral cat or the rumoured puma.Around 4 years ago I was spotlighting with  the dogs in the neighbours property which backs onto the same bluegum plantation.Around 11pm I heard 3 horrific screams and for all the years I have  been shooting/spotlighting and bowhunting I have never heard anything like it. The next morning I reported it to the   police,and rang another local shooter who is contracted to shoot ferals in the blue gums and both said I had heard the large cat that had been  sighted around the area.I just laughed it off as small town  rumour/gossip,but after todays sighting I am totally convinced of the large cat 
mystery now.