South Australian Report

Hello Mike,
I emailed you in January regarding the book and kept your email in a 
folder, which has been handy as a lady whom I was speaking to last 
week told me of a probable cat sighting. This woman was exercising 
three dogs in the pine forest reserve south of ###### road when she saw 
two tan animals cross the forest track in front of her vehicle. I 
asked her to take me to the site where this sighting took place and 
going from her being able to place the vehicle and indicate the 
crossing point her visual was approx. 100 metres away. We walked 
several hundred metres along the track but as there had been heavy 
rain in the week since the sighting there didnt appear to be much 
sign. I spotted fresh emu, kangaroo, fox, and the dog tracks but no 
print that looked big enough for cat.. I asked her to descibe the 
animals bearing in mind that she would have had only seconds to 
memorize what she saw. The two animals crossed the track together 
roughly side by side from a new planted pines 1.5 metres high into 
thick unthinned pines 7 metres high and the open ground was about 8 
metres wide. She described them of being tan in colour long body and tail 
shortish nose they travelled low slung to the ground.
The lady was probably shocked by what she saw and kept driving past 
the site at about 10 kmhr and noticed a fox run across the track 
further along and recalls that the fox was a lot smaller in size to 
her tan animals. She thought the three dalmation dogs running about 
the young pines probably disturbed all of these animals and they 
crossed across in front of her to get away from the dogs.
Later that day she filled up the vehicle at the local service station 
and told the owner that she saw some animals and his reaction was to 
laugh and indicted that was not the only one around ###### who have 
had a sighting.
What I find interesting is that she still took the dogs back to the 
same area daily for their daily exercise after the sighting in the 
week after the sighting. She did not appear to be worried about going 
back to the area. Would the dogs being exercised in that area frighten 
off your animals ?