Hi mike,
Driving with my brother and his partner through the back roads around our home town of xxxxxxx(central Victoria) early this year around feb, late at night we were looking to shoot some rabbits maybe some foxes if they were silly enough to come out in the 25deg heat of the night. We traveled down a dead end road that is a known hot spot for lots of rabbits at that time of year. My brother was scanning around with the spotlight and I was ready with my .22 wmr. as the light crossed the road in front of us my brother spotted a figure I guess you could say trotting on the road in front of us. it stood as high on 4 legs as the bonnet of my car. at first I couldn’t even see this figure that my brother had spotted. after he told me to look for a f&#$ing huge cat  I seen what he had pointed out. I raised my rifle and looked through the scope and could clearly see the animal. We stopped the car to get a clear shot, as we stopped the car brakes squealed and the animal became aware of us. it turned and looked directly at the light and two massive yellow eyes reflected back at us. My brother screamed "shoot the thing". I made the decision not to being the size of the cat and the relatively small caliber rifle I had, I couldn’t be sure of a clean shot. and a pissed off cat that size is not something I wanted to duke with. I dropped the rifle and picked up my .222. by the time I had looked up I seen the hind legs of the cat jump into the 6ft tall grass. we spent the next 2 hrs looking for it again but it became clear that the cat had fled. We have spent many nights looking for the cat again in the same general area with no luck. after telling my story at the local pub dozens of times I came across someone who had also spotted a large cat on a road only 2kms way from where I had seen it back in 1980's I am convinced they are out there!. I just need to shoot one for definite proof.
its good to tell our story so people know that they can come forward to.
yours sincerely AUSSIEHUNTER