Otways big Cat

Again the Otways..

Cat caught in Apollo Bay farm footage
February 3rd, 2010
MORE video footage of what looks like a large black cat in the Otways has emerged, with a Melbourne businessman revealing a home movie of an animal on his Apollo Bay farm.
Hawthorn's Peter James took the footage of the black cat from the deck of his holiday farm house on Christmas Day, 2007, but has been unable to identify whether it showed a black panther or just an over-grown feral moggie.
"I don't know what it is," Mr James said.
"People have told us tales about big cats in the Otways, but we've never seen anything or heard anything."We've never found any paw prints to suggest it was a big cat.
"We just happened to be at the farm for Christmas Day and my wife looked out and asked what was in the bottom paddock."I ran inside and grabbed the video and started filming."
Mr James said a local shearer had declared the cat an over-sized feral pest, but was unable to say just how big the animal had grown.