Gippsland Phantom Cat

The Gippsland Phantom Cat .

This is the only video on the net of this interview that we did with Kurt.We filmed Kurt and then broke the story to the papers in June 2005 when we met Kurt Engel and looked at the 26" tail.Bernie Mace was brought in and sampled a piece of tail for Mitochondrial DNA , which came back f.catus, wild domestic cat.This test was paid for by the Sunday Herald Sun in Melbourne.The tail and photos were examined by Melbourne Museum where one of the biologists stated that the tail was real and not a "trick cut".We have never released the most crucial photo which shows the animal at the crack of dawn hanging up next to the verandah posts near nails.I was able to measure the post and it confirmed that the animal was as large as Kurt claimed.Here is one of the photos.We have not given away the best photo since we want something for the book .The "hidden" photo shows the animal next to the post and meant we could measure the animal against nails on the post.

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