Vaughan King-Australian "Big Cat Hunter"...cough cough..

Vaughan King


Vain King tried to respond.
Name calling (ouch) hand waving and ZERO corrections to any of my really simple points is just..sad...
I even placed links to show the quotes to make it easy for you.
And someone who thinks facts and history is merely my "opinion" should possibly not respond to criticism..
The End..  :)
New Big cat group on facebook has started.
Big Cat Sightings Australia 


I  only post now days when someone has crossed the line by hoaxing or just being blatantly dishonest.

Now I normally couldn`t be bothered correcting people new to the subject(experts in their own minds) comments, and let them slide.

But this guys latest actions are just reprehensible.
First some corrections.
Then on to its disgraceful behaviour.

Not content with digging over old stories/myths and ideas that were done to death years and years ago by ourselves and others...Vaughan King muddles on irregardless.
I admire his ability to appear out of nowhere, waving his "bigcat handling badge" everywhere.
I also admire his ability to act like he is the first person to look into the phenomena!!
Let me give a very brief overview of this utterly clueless clown..

So this is what I found in a very brief check on what this massive ego, Vain King has being saying.
I could spend literally weeks correcting all his claims but he doesn`t appear to be too interested in logic, facts or research.... so whats the point..?
Just make up stuff that sounds cool..
Anyway..on with the fun ! 

We cannot prove even one species, so you would have to be an idiot to claim more than one right?

"...Vaughn King, a former keeper of big cats at Australia Zoo, previously said he believes three types of big cats are indeed roaming bushland across Australia. He identified the likely culprits as the leopard, jaguar and mountain lion in an interview with The Newcastle Herald in 2017...."

And some more "original research"

“I have spoken with a former circus owner who admitted to me in person that they had plenty of accidents over the years, one in particular where they lost an array of animals – including big cats (black leopards),” he said."

Yawn..who would have thought eh..cutting edge stuff for sure.

"..The circus industry was very unregulated and there were dangerous travelling conditions on unsealed roads, so it doesn't surprise me," Mr King said..."

And private zoos Vaughan???..damn..go read our book to get a clue.
And regarding the escaped mascots theory..this is a gem.

"You have different bases around Australia — south-west WA, Sydney, Brisbane — bases that housed international personnel, and maybe that's enough to establish a population in Australia," Mr King said.

Do you even think before you open your mouth?
Maybe thats enough???
Having a large felid mascot would be enough!!!
There was never a shred of evidence of any mascots being brought into Australia that were exotic felids..nothing..nada..if you poke around on our big cat site you will even find a post that shows the work done on this very subject in Canberra..This was from real research.

"..King had always looked up to Townsend and Turner during his early years of big cat research.Now they are handing him the reins and entrusting him to carry on with their life's work...."

You never looked up to them..
They were not handing anyone the reins..and the last person on earth would have been you anyway.
When you first started into this subject Vaughan, you were referring to everyone as idiots and muppets and bragged how you would crack the subject quickly.Do you remember that?...damn..
Still nothing from you son..
First off..create a great name for a ""
For sure people will treat you with some respect..with such an idiotic name.
Its for sale at a bargain price right now..!!
So that failed..
Next plan...keep going over old ground..and pretend its new ground.
Great game plan matey!! 
Chuck in a few photos of you strapping game cameras on trees...talking about your time shovelling shit in the big cat cages..
Make idiotic comments about big cats..

What next..?
I know..become friendly with another researcher and link your pantherpeople page to her facebook group whilst fully aware it makes it look like the group is owned and run by your page ie you. 
That researcher would be Samantha Yazbek.
The researcher that created Big Cat Sightings Australia Facebook group in 2011 and built it up slowly to over 8,000 members. 
Without permission you linked your page to  Samanthas group for which you were questioned and you continued to ramp up reasons and excuses to leave it up there.
Clearly you wanted to create the illusion that you started the group in 2011 and had been researching  since that long ago.
All false of course to create a false character of who you are, with intent to gain attention.
Next..after grovelling and sending a teddy bear by mail(Really Vaughan??) insisted being made from mod to an admin... when the response was that there’s no need for you to be admin, once again you ramped up excuses as to why you “need” an admin status opposed to mod status to perform some functions on the group - rubbish 
So...Samantha who had enough of your begging and repetitive demanding messages , trusts you and makes you an admin.

All what would an honest and ethical person now do..??
Drum roll Vaughan..but you know the punch line..
Why of course they would wait awhile and then boot Samantha out of the group she started, block her from the group and then place a trusty and compliant side kick who is equally as dishonest by your side.
Seriously much lower can you go?

Here is a prediction.
You will float around like the dishonest, egotistical halfwit that you are, for a couple of years.
You will find nothing.
And then you will get bored and vanish.
Well done should be so proud..!!