Mystery Cats Near York

Hey mate, back when I was an apprentice so probably 1999 ,my father and I had permission to shoot roos rabbits etc on a property out near York. I was on the back of our ute spotlighting with my boss at the time was shooting next to me this one night. Driving down the boundary fence of this sheep property I saw bright green eyes flash at me around 400m ahead. Beauty we thought. Feral cat. It was a little too far away for a shot. So I told my father to drive closer to get a shot at it. As he drove forward i saw a black object rise out of the knee high grass and bolt straight towards the fence and over it in front of us at a range of approx 200m . Its back stayed straight when it ran like a cat with a Sleek stealthy running style. This"things" back protruded out of the long dry grass prob around a foot. So total height estimated at 2 .5 - 3 foot tall at the back. I had shot and hunted plenty of pigs by that stage and still do hunt them but that experience is one I could never fully explain.I regret not stopping to look at the prints that night. My wife mistook a boar for a cougar the first time I took her pigging and she wouldnt believe it was a pig until I showed her the pig prints. I honestly believe boars are the culprit for most cougar sightings.