York.Wa Big Cats

My wife and I were out last night (13/11/2016) near York, Western Australia
taking photos of the supermoon and milky way (we went far out away from
light pollution). We were pulled off to the side of the road next to a field
with some bush on the other side. After taking photos for about 45 minutes
we heard some rustling in the grass in front of us then all of a sudden..
RRRAAOOOWW a strange cat like noise came from the field. My wife said "what
the hell was that" and jumped in the car, I said "It's okay it was probably
just a sheep." then I shone my floodlight into the field and was greeted
with shiney yellow/green eyes reflecting back at me from a large black
figure that seemed to be stalking us, it was no further than 50m away from
us then it just ran away after I shone the light at it. I could tell it
wasn't some house cat, it was definitely a big black cat as it's tail was
very long and it was a very big cat like creature.