Sublime track, Austinmer Cat

Hello there,

I email you today in regards to a large animal sighting this morning at
Sublime track, Austinmer at 6.20am. It was just becoming light as I was
walking up the track and just as I approached a clearing halfway up a flight
of stairs I briefly stopped to catch my breath. I was by myself.

I heard what sounded like a log dropping into the scrub. It was quite a
break of silence in the tweeting of birds and the ocean behind.

I glanced over to see the outline of an object moving it's head. It was
black and it's head was moving side to side, as if it was looking for food
or in search of something. It was around 25 metres away.
I stood there for around 15 seconds on the stairs in awe and terror. I had
not passed anyone nor was anyone following behind me.
It finally started running like a panther / large wild cat down the
mountain. I proceeded to run up the stairs in the hope it hadn't heard me or
saw me. It definitely wasn't a log as it stayed in the same position for
around 15 seconds moving it's head from side to side.

Have you had anyone else contact you recently in regards to any sightings
around that area?
I look forward to hearing from you.