South Australia Cats

Hi, my name is ###### I have sent you a sighing report of a big cat that I
had encountered in Aldinga, South Australia. I thought I would tell you
about an encounter my friend ### and I had one night when we were camping
in Halls Gap in the Grampian's at the beginning of the year. We decided to
go out for a walk to try and spot light some animals at night at around
9:30pm, we had been spot lighting for a good half an hour before it started
to rain a bit and we had decided to head back in the direction of camp and
just up the main street in Halls gap I had spotted a very large animal very
low to the ground and it was grey in colour, I pointed it out to my mate he
did not see it but we decided to follow it in the direction it had gone,
### pointed the torch in the direction that it went and he pointed out some
very large yellow/blueish eyes just watching us from just inside the tree
line. My mate was the one who said that looks a lot like cats eyes peering
at us, we started to walk towards the eyes, maybe not the smartest of ideas
but we didn't feel threatened, and the animal disappeared very quickly and
quietly, very stealthy. I am not saying it was a big cat, but it was a very
large low slump animal, very stealthy and which had a blue/yellow eye shine.
It looked about the size of a large dog from what I had seen and the eye
shine was about 2 and a half feet of the ground. I have been in two minds
for a long time in whether to report it or not. My mate and I also encounter
some very large cat like prints at a lake between Stawell and the