Murrumbidgee river Cat

Hi i dont want anything in return but i want to tell you about a black panther i saw when fishing the Murrumbidgee river at Urriarra Crossing in Canberra.I got a good clear look at it from 40 metres and when it spotted me becuse i saw him first the panther stopped and stared me down to the point i was looking at where to run.
He whipped his tail and just stood still staring at me.I was fishing mid river on top of a rock and thats what i think saved me a he had to get wet to get to me and was easily a metre long and taller than any cat i have ever seen.
Didnt look like a domestic cat and was definately a panther.I just thought you would like to know as i still cant believe it but i defienately saw it and although it was scary it was awsome too.