NSW Cats

I too have seen not one but two big black cat/panther like creatures on the
Mid North Coast NSW. This incident occurred in Pacific Palms near
Forster/Tuncurry in 2004 and has left me convinced that Australia does
indeed have big cats of some description, and that they really are breeding!
This isn't just one.

Before I start, I'd like to add I am a complete sceptic to anything I
haven't seen with my own eyes, I am a business professional, but I figure
the more evidence that's out, the more that can be done to finally prove
they do exist because it's real and pretty frightening.

I was driving on the road close to Elizabeth beach at about 10.30pm at night
and noticed to my horror ahead, this massive panther like creature on the
road with stubby rounded ears and an extremely long tail. It was rather
stocky and big, bigger than a large dog. It was jet black, with very
distinct yellow eyes. It looked at the car approaching but there wasn't time
for it to move away and to be honest my initial reaction when it didn't move
was it was possible I was going to hit it. Rather than move it tried to
crouch down as low to the ground as it could, as if it was trying to blend
in. The reason for this I've later thought, might have had something to do
with what was accompanying it, but it was using an awkward stealth like
movement, trying to almost camouflage into the road it was so low.

I applied the brakes sharply and got to within a few feet of it, and watched
as it continued to almost crawl very flat, and slow, stooped off toward the
end of the road. It was then that I noticed a smaller one, like a cub had
started to follow it doing the exact same thing.

Once to the edge of the road, it and the cub bolted into the forest with
tremendous speed. The whole incident lasted a good 30 seconds or so. I had
time to slow to a stop, and could see them both clear as day in my high
beam, crawling across the road. I was petrified, so I wasn't getting out of
the car.

There is no question this was not a dog or anything like it. It was
definitely panther like, but the tail was very strange. It was distinctly

I would like to remain anonymous.