hi mike The 2 prints belong to the same  Male panther  I have a had   under
 surveillance for 3  years  he has a smaller female companion plus cubs
 of different ages I know what he is  because I ambushed him  in the  car
   headlights l saw him  the  the tracks he left behind perfectly matches the ones I
 sent you I can almost touch this family but sometimes they're like  a needl
 in a haystack 600 m from the town  there is a track for years this  guy
  as left matching tracks on it during the day people are driving from the town
 into the forest over it . during the night my panthers  trot up and down it into
 the town and back into the forest as these are in my experience night predators  near impossible  to get a photograph of them during the day
 the  new photo IM sending is of a larger but  similar marsupial predator
  taken in WA  last year  ( had another black panther  almost photograph inWA
 last year  I know  where he is and all his  habits.  ps this town  is  not the only
  one I know about with  Panthers  on the outskirts  in ####  how do I know
 all this because,  IM a hunter all I they have to do is  turn over a rock or similar and I am onto  them . far as I know they are harmless to us  but deadly
killers  with marsupials  I have some videos  on  their kills how they pluck
 and cleanly gut  koalas Possums . PS  I have a photo showing a  swing out
 thumb  from the black male panther  it shows  he can  climb trees let me know what you think Cheers,

hi mike I am sending you another  photo you will notice  claws  beginning to show
 from the toes on  the left foot  impression  and the candid one on the right as the
claws  come out the foot keeps changing shape. in amongst these impressions
 I have clear-cut photos of him swinging one toe  45° to the rear of the other 3 toes
 there are 4  drill holes  in the mud  from his claws  and the impression of his toes
 I can't send you this photo because I might make money out of it. there is a man in
 MaryBorough  Victoria  who sells a book  titled thylacoleo  is alive  I found everything
 he spoke about pretty well applies to this animal I chase  around  I also have the  clay
 cutouts of the footprints. also a stack of unusual   droppings from these animals .
 near ##### a large animal bounded across the road in front of me
  he ended up so close  I could see every detail  a very large marsupial predator
 larger then a black panther  I think he is what they call  the Blue Mountains lion
 I picked up a photo of an( identical) animal on Google no one knows what it is  and I have
 included that photo and one paw print that  was recovered not  faraway that l  think
 belongs to it . it measures approximately 6 inches across. their is the possibly of 3  of  these animal's
  in Australia what I lack is finances to buy a very good night camera and that would put me around 3 to 6 months or  less  of having  good videos  of at least the Black Panther
 people call this animal black panther because no other name appears to fit and I have proof
 that he is marsupial in the photo the way he swings his thumb back. and  it is okay to use
 the information I have sent you as you see fit  just keep my name out of it if  you know someone who might be interested financing the camera then I would be happy with 50-50
 some decent photos of these animals going about their business in the night time would be
 worth a fortune especially as they are unidentified predators that a lot of people see
 that they can't photograph with clarity   these  male animals are all very heavy in excess
 of 100   200+  kilos  they really compact the Earth where  there  foot lands and the impressions at clear as crystal