Parachilna Big Cats

Hello, my name is Stephen #######. I'd like to tell you of a big cat
encounter I had. I currently am living in Adelaide in a suburb called
#####. Roughly a year ago I was sitting down and I had started to
hear a coughing noise which I had thought was a pig at first, I had gone
outside to see what it was and nothing happened for 5 mins or so, I sat down
outside to have a smoke and all of a sudden out of this huge bush comes
crawling out very large cat, It the stood up and done a typical cat stretch
and started sniffing the car door handles etc on the neighbors 4WD, I was
amazed at what I was seeing this animal was not afraid of me one bit nor did
I feel any threat from it, and I don't believe these animals hold much
threat to people. The massive cat started walking towards the Aldinga Scrub
and I followed it from about 10 meters, After about 2 mins of following it
the cat done a huge leap over a 2 meter fence into the scrub land, Making no
noise what so ever very agile. I have always been in the outback and have
seen very large Moggies but this was different to me in looked very much
like a Puma, about 2 and a half foot tall at the shoulder and roughly 6 foot
long, Very muscly and sleek. The color of the cat was a grayish tawny color,
I would say the cat would have weighed 30 - 50 kg. I was lucky enough to get
some pictures of its foot prints in had left in the sandy soil and they were
roughly the size of my palm, 3 inch down by 3 inch across and i have in the
picture a can to show the size of the prints.
Also it was roughly a year before this my younger brother come running home
one night saying there was a giant cat near the field down the road, I did
not think much of it until I had my encounter, My younger brother believed
it to be around the same size of the cat I had seen.
I have asked around since this had happened and I have en counted a couple
people who say they have seen it as-well, Including my current girl friend.
I do know of people in the Flinders Rangers SA in a town called Parachilna
where they say they encounter cats the size of German Shepard's and that a
lot of people will not leave there dogs out at night due to the fact they
have been attacked in the past and some killed. I was shown a picture of one
and they are very big and very similar in appearance to the one I have seen.
I have talked to the council, museum and the national parks and wild life
people and have been looked at like an idiot, even though they agree that I
have got some evidence with the prints I photographed that the cat is very
I do hope this has been of interest to you, I am now always carrying my
camera phone on me in the slight chance I may see it again.

Regards Stephen .