HUGE black cat near Wondabyne

Hi There,

Just have been trying to find someone to report a sighting of a HUGE black
cat near Wondabyne train station. I was catching the train up to see my
Mother who Lives at Tuggerah, It was approx 11am I was on the left hand side
of the train going up to the coast. I was resting my head on the window. all
of a sudden I saw this HUUGGEEE black cat jump up on to the tracks and then
jump to the left hand side of the tracks. I watch it slowly walk in to shrub
and bush and the tail was really long. It definately looked like a Panther.
and looked even bigger. The location was Just before Wondabyne train
station, There is a house on the left hand side, along with a mine... I saw
it clear as day...
Just wanted to sell someone who cares or who believes me hahahahha