Vic High country

G'day. I just spotted an adolescent cat in the Vic High country.
Spotted coming back from Paradise Falls, (accessed from Rose River Road). Coming back down from the falls it was just before the first house on the way down. Spotted from 15-20 metres.
It was ran out in front of us. It looked definitely not a cub but not fully grown either. I'd estimate maybe 6 months if that not even a year old. It had round ears and a round face (whereas domestic and feral cats have pointy ears and faces). It was about the size of a large fox. It would have been 1.5-2ft long in the body and about that again for the tail. The tail was far too long for a domestic cat and it again was round on the end. The tail was wavy and flicked up on the end as it was running and it had its ears pinned flat against its head. It was incredibly quick and the movements were so fluid it could not be mistaken for anything else.
The main coloration was a combination of darker browns, tan, ginger, beige but quite mottled. It had a dark patch along it's back which kind of spread into a few stripes that faded into the other colours halfway down its sides.
I found a photo on your site afterwards through google images with a very similar looking cat. Just can't find the source of the photo .