cat-like beast has begun converting self-proclaimed sceptics

The legend of western Sydney’s roaming, black, cat-like beast has begun converting self-proclaimed sceptics of the mythical creature.
This morning Leumeah resident Des Clissold had an encounter with a mysterious panther-like animal during his morning walk near Ruse, south-west of Sydney.
It was 7am when Mr Clissold crossed paths with the creature.
Until this morning, Mr Clissold was a self-declared denier of the “Macarthur panther’s” existence.
He’s now been converted.
“I’m usually a sceptic about these things, but I’m certainly not now,” he said.
“I saw a big black cat on my walk near Smith’s Creek Reserve.

“It was probably 20-25m from me, it was bounding across the fire trail there and disappeared into the bush in a matter of seconds.”Mr Clissold considered the idea the animal could have been a black wallaby like those he had seen many times on his morning walks through the area during the past two years.But he was unable to convince himself.
“It didn’t move like a wallaby. It didn’t look like one,” he said.
“It surprised me. It was smaller than a tiger and bigger than an alsation.
“It was a bloody big cat.”