Puma like animal in Victoria

Thursday 22/8/13 I was gardening at a friends 28 acre property in Mt #### in  Victoria. While playing with their German Shepherd and walking off to the next garden bed to weed, out of the corner of my eye I saw rabbits scurrying and then turned round to a tan puma. It was bigger than the shepherd and had a really long tail that curled up at the end. I know I definitely saw this animal it was like 20 metres from me slinking along the grass. (Short mowed grass) It just wondered off into the trees. My heart was racing just shocked to see something like that. Initial thing was grab the dog and take it to the house to lock up. I have spoken to people that have lived on the mountain all their lives and apparently there has been a black one sighted on many occasions but not tan. This was definetely tan. I spent all friday night googling big cat sightings. Very exciting.

Cheers Caroline