WA big cat Report

'Harvey Waroona Reporter' WA-(a local south west newspaper) about 2 weeks ago. 

Resident Terry Treasure has reported seeing a large black cat-like creature in the hills near Willowdale in the hills east of Yarloop recently.
He was driving on a bush road with two family members at about 2 pm.
``We came across a tree that was on the road and stopped to clear it,’’ he said.``We were in the bush near the fallen tree when this big creature came out of the brush and stood facing us at a distance of two or three metres.``It looked like a black panther and had green eyes.``The confrontation lasted for about two minutes and it was growling and quite menacing.``We were relieved when it turned and disappeared back into the bush.’’The Treasures are concerned that the animal could be dangerous and pose a threat to people using the Bibbulmun track which is nearby.The Reporter has received reports of other big cat sightings in the Nanga area in recent years and another two metre long black cat in the Warren National Park near Pemberton eighteen months ago.A spokesman for the DEC told the Reporter that they had received no recent reports of large cats in the area.He said that in the past they had turned out to be feral cats.He said that on Google there was a report of a man who shot a very large cat in the Eastern states.DNA testing had subsequently proved that the cat was feral".