Panther in the Gully-Victoria

Hi there,
This afternoon I was walking my dog at the quarry in ######## and my dog spotted an animal sunning itself on a rock. It was maybe 30-50 meters away and I would not of even noticed it if my dog hadn't frozen and stared. My dog then went to run at it and the animal got up and "slinked" into the bushes behind it. That's when i thought, What the hell was that? It was as big as a medium dog, but moved like a cat. It was black, but not pitch black, and had a hint of ginger or dark tan on its underside. I saw it move about 5 meters until it went into the bushes and it moved just like a huge cat. But the most defining feature of all.. It's tail. Almost 2/3 the length of its body, sloping downward then flattening out in profile, and the end seemed rounded. Dare I say it. It looked like a panther.

Hope this helps with your research