Gembrook bigcat

To whom it may concern,
I would like to report a big cat sighting. 01/03/2012, 7:45am, xxxxxxxx Road, Gembrook, Victoria .
I pulled into the picnic ground off xxxxxxxxxx Rd, 30-50 metres from the road, early in the morning. As I pulled up there was a white 4wd with a horse float and two horse riders/horses approaching from a forest path opposite the park entrance. Not wanting to startle the horses I manouvered my vehicle around so I could drive straight out of the park and cause minimum fuss to the horses. At this time one of the riders was now ready to load the horses onto the float, as I started my light truck the horses became startled slightly and I drove slowly to exit the picnic ground. As I turned right out of the pic. ground onto the road(heading back towards Gembrook) and looked in my left side mirror I saw what I can only describe as a large black cat walking into the bushes on the opposite side of road to the pic. gnd. I was only able to see the cat from behind the front legs back to its tail. This animal was slightly larger than the Rottweiler we used to own, had short shiny black fur, solid rear legs, very large paws and a long thick tail, same thickness the whole length of the tail. It walked slowly and smoothly into the bush. I can only assume that this cat was curious about the horses and came for a closer inspection. This cat was incredibly close to us and the horses( within 25 metres) in this instance, did not seem alarmed at the presence of people or cars starting up/running, and in my opinion seemed quite at ease with it's casual exit from the scene. Thought I'd better report my sighting, and that's it.