Big Cats: Facing Britain's Wild Predators

Rick Minter, one of the world leading experts on the bigcat phenomena in the UK has produced an amazing looking book on his research.
This is a must have for mystery bigcat fans.!
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“A definitive account of a topic which has gripped the public imagination for more than three decades.     Rick Minter is a man not given to hyperbole. He gives the intriguing subject of big cats a thoroughly considered examination. While he is one of those who believes such animals are living in the wild in this country, he is not afraid to look at and listen to all the evidence with a forensic and sceptical eye and ear.”  
Simon Trump, Sunday Times journalist

"Fascinating and thought provoking"
Hampshire Magazine 

"Weaves a fascinating story around British sightings of these fearsome predators, without resorting to sensationalism".

Stephen Moss, former Springwatch TV producer