South Australian Cats

Just wanted to let you know, I was travelling in the back of our car with my daughter and a friend this past Saturday, November 19 2011 at around 10.00am.  My husband was driving, and a friend was in the front passenger seat.  On the dirt road up ahead, the men in the front saw a what they thought was a dog, crossing the road, but quickly realized it was a big black cat.  About 5-10 minutes later, a car load of friends who were behind us caught up.  We pulled over and they told us they were turning back as they had seen a panther cross directly in front of them (it must have crossed back after we saw it), before we even mentioned seeing anything.   We all turned back to see if we could spot it again.  2 adults in our car saw it and everyone in the 2nd car saw it (2 adults and 2 children).  A man living nearby who we mentioned it to said his neighbour came round recently saying he’d heard very strange screaming noises around 9.00pm -9.30pm the other night.  We are in the Lower South East of South Australia, and were driving at the back of XXXXXXXXX.  A co-worker of my husband’s said he’s seen it in the same area while out spotlighting.  I  was probably sceptical once, but not anymore. Also the man in the 2nd car said his wife (who wasn’t with us Saturday) had seen a panther but didn’t think anyone would believe her.