Hi after reading about this subject in a shooting magazine and finding this link, I thought I would add my sighting. In 1981, when I was nineteen, I was out driving the back roads around Korong Vale in Central Vic looking for an early fox or rabbit to shoot with my 22-250 rifle. It was about eight in the morning and the dirt road was only about 4 metres wide. Cruising along slowly in my car I noticed about about thirty metres ahead a large black animal lope from the metre high grass on one side and disappear into the similar vegetation on the other side. It appeared to have a round head, be about 500mm or so high and head, body and long thin tail would be about two metres long, judging from the scale of the road width. I immediately sped to that spot, and jumped from the car with loaded gun ready. Then I stood at the edge of the very long grass and could see the grass rippling as the animal moved away from me. I then realised what I might have just seen, the fact that I only had a bolt action rifle, long grass and maybe a large cat that didnt like humans. So I did the only sensible thing, and drove off in a hurry. I have mentioned this to many people over the years, only to be doubted or laughed at. This does not bother me at all, as although it was only a two second glimpse, the other options of fox,dog or feral cat can not account for the size of the animal. So add this to the pile of sightings and perhaps one day someone will solve this mystery.