Big cat possibly on prowl in Hills again

You have to give the Hills Shire Times credit.
Year in...year out...they butcher big cat stories...  :(

The "print" is not one is two feet landing together.It is a simple wallaby print.
Wallabies sometimes land with both feet together..
If you enlarge the still you will see a gap of smooth, untouched sand running between the two middle toes to the back..!!
Or do bigcat and "Thylacoleo" now have curve in their foot that allows them to leave no part of their pad touching the ground running from front to back...?
There is no "three digits"...what Mr Gilroy meant to say was  three lobes at the rear of the pad..and there is no three lobes.
Mr Gilroy says it could be a big cat and Mr Foster his assistant says it looks like a marsupial lion.
These guys have worked together for years, still cannot recognise a macropod print and both see the same thing and choose different species..
Can the newspaper just for once..get a zoologist/biologist/vet to look at photos next time because this is just terribly bad journalism.
Just kidding..
Story Below.

GIANT paw prints found in the sand near caves in Marramarra National Park at Maroota have ignited speculation about the Kenthurst panther.The photograph was taken by Simon Jones on his iPhone showing paw prints as big as his hand.He and two friends were taken into the reserve by friend Adam Hickey to see some rock art when they came across the paw prints on October 10.“It was sometime between 11am and 11.30am and wasn’t far from the entrance when we saw these big cat prints.“There were quite a few prints there and they seemed to be following what looked like emu prints.”Mr Jones, of Castle Hill, said they had gone to the park to show two Koori friends around.“We got a bit of a shock.”Mr Hickey said they followed the prints, which were on a sand track, for some of the way.He said the prints were not far from the entrance to the park and near some caves.Cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy said he was very interested in this latest giant paw print, especially the back three digits of the print.“I believe this could possibly be a print of the big cat which has been sighted in Kenthurst over the years,” Mr Gilroy said.“It is the season for them to be appearing as spring is the mating season for most animals.“I have already received sightings in Wentworth Falls and the Blue Mountains.”Blacktown big cat enthusiast Greg Foster said it was a good print.“It is more like a print of the marsupial lion Rex and I have been following than the Asian panther-like feline,” Mr Foster said.“From studying the photo I would say it is a large animal with a paw print of about 10cm to 13 cm and is definitely bigger then a cattle dog.”