There must be so many undiagnosed fruit loops out there...
Funny hoaxed cat cut out was in the hawkesbury Gazette on wednesday...that was amusing..
But the nut jobs who waste our time and money with bullshit claims are less pleasant to deal with.
Fruit Loop1
Claims to have 11 minutes of video featuring a jaguar and cub = 11 minutes of a half wit waving a cam around after he had seen a cat...his jag and cubs were actually logs and rocks..
Fruit Loop 2
Claims to have photographed a puma in Victoria..=Now that was interesting..the guy would not show me because i was not an "expert" I said "good luck with the govt scientistsand the nutter went feral at me for using the term " luck because 'there is no luck in science but you would not know that".
3/Videos of big cats in victoria = footage of foxes..and I ended up with Telstra having to send repeated legal letters to stop the mad as a hatter  texting me on medication....
Give me a gun..
So..if you have amazing footage you cannot show me..dont contact me..simple eh.
So..if you are so top secret you need a false first name to tell me about another poxy cat sighting..dont ring.!!
So..if you are having repeat big cat encounters on your farm but cannot even take one flipping blurry photo "because you see them all the time"..I dont give care..dont ring..