Telegraph big cat story

The Telegraph did a story the other day about big cats and sadly for us, we wasted our time and effort helping them.
Do you see the link to the story.?
Not here.
The journalists acted like they were serious and then never bothered to check anything.
They spoke to Chris Coffey in person, who is a woman, yet managed to call her Mr Chris Coffey in the piece.
They never bothered to follow up a great story which came in about a big cat sighting and scat collected at the time.
Which was identified by state government department as cat.
They misquoted all of us and then when the government gave them a response, let them off without asking anything.
The government spokesman told the paper that there had been  "no repeated attacks against livestock."
Well DUH..there are not supposed to be any..but repeated..WTF does that mean.. or two felid attacks on animals is not interesting..but repeated attacks makes it real.
And they dragged the hoary one liner out about "no evidence for a black cat"..
But jesus %$#@ christ..they have evidence for a big brown cat..what about the lioness shot in 1985 in western know..the one the dept never bothered to investigate..the same story that...not one brain dead  reporter has ever shown the slightest interest in..
But our crusading reporters didnt ask the bleeding obvious questions and just crapped on about cans of cat food(guffaw guffaw) and then after filming craig rye setting up traps..they never used that footage and made the story revolve around themselves setting out a cat food can at night...with a dopey(funny) soundtrack included..
And ended up making complete $##@#$ idiots of themselves in the process..
Last time we will ever do anything for the Telegraph..