Big cats

The new book on Australian Big cats is not far away from publication.
We are trying to trim it down but we have a fair amount of text/reports/photos/history etc..
If we had known in 2001 how much money and time was going to be involved in the end..I dont think we would have started.. :)
Emailed the premiers dept months ago..several times with some questions.
They passed it too someone else..
That was the only response I ever get is this...about once a month.
Imagine if these guys worked in the private sector..LOL

Dear Mr Williams

I write in response to your recent email to the Premier concerning the Department of Primary Industries.As the matter you have raised concerns the administration of the Minister for Primary Industries, and Minister for Lands, the Hon A B Kelly, MLC, your email has been forwarded to the Minister for attention.

You may be sure that your email will receive close consideration.

Yours sincerely

###### ########

for Director General