NSW government big cat report

NSW government big cat report.
Well, the farce keeps rolling along.
We took our complaints to the NSW Ombudsman, of false and misleading information being provided to the Premier and the general public.
What are the odds that the only people who answered us , in that unit, are illiterate.
In a series of four letters we showed, point by point, easy, blatant data manipulation and mendacious games of sophistry by the DPI.
We gave the Ombudsman the links, the quotes..a small child could understand it.
The Ombudsman missed all our examples and then cut and pasted information from the DPI`s own web site to show us what great guys the DPI are and how hard they have been working on this issue.
Forgetting of course, that the Ombudsman has zero ability to judge the DPI claims in the first place.
They even managed to contact one of the main DPI staff members who we believe was involved in manipulating the reports.
And he told them it was all okay.
And thats fine by the Ombudsman...!!!
On the NSW Ombudsman web site, we found these sections which they could have acted upon.
But their staff appear to be dumber than a box of spanners....

Contrary to law (s.26(1)(a))

Unreasonable (s.26(1)(b))
Unjust (s.26(1)(b))
Oppressive (s.26(1)(b))
Improperly discriminatory (s.26(1)(b))
Law or practice unreasonable, unjust, oppressive or improperly discriminatory (s.26(1)(c))
Improper motives (s.26(1)(d))
Mistake of fact (s.26(1)(e))
Failure to give reasons (s.26(1)(f))
Otherwise wrong (s.26(1)(g))