NSW Government Big Cat Reports

Australian panther.
A quick detour back in time first for some perspective.
The NSW Department of Primary Industries Report .Here.
The NSW government had no intention of ever releasing any of the following reports below.
We did a series of FOI requests and flushed them out.
The 1st NSW Department of Primary Industries Report September 2008.Here.
The white wash report is next.
The 2nd NSW Department of Primary Industries Report- September 2009.Here.
Our reply to the Premier pointing out some of the mistakes.Here.
Letter to the DPI 31st July 2009 regarding some problems.Here.
Even though the 2008 report had loads of mistakes and appeared to been researched by someone in a hurry, its not to bad by NSW government standards.
The second report is the mendacious gold.
The 2009 has whitewashed the whole of the 2003 report and the 2008 report.
It even forgot to mention the Dr Johannes Bauer "study" in 1999.
Remember the Bauer debacle .?
You know!!!
The department gave the ecologist 2 days to do "research", because of the "budget constraints".
He concluded "Difficult as it seems to accept the most likely explanation of the evidence is the presence of a large feline predator in this area, most likely a leopard, less likely a jaguar (unless this is an elaborate hoax by someone in the community).
And what did the NSW government do with that report...NOTHING.
They hid it, never mentioned one thing until it was flushed out by another FOI.
But we digress..
The 2009 "report" even managed to fake the conclusion of the 2003 report.
"...The report however concluded that none of the available evidence conclusively proved the presence of free-ranging exotic large cats In NSW..."
Wow, they must have missed the bit after the comma in the 2003 report.!!
The actual 2003 conclusion was.
"..Nothing found in this review conclusively proves the presence of free ranging exotic large cats in NSW, but this cannot be discounted and seems more likely than not on available evidence..."
Why did the DPI do two reports.?
No one is saying, they have all gone to ground.
If the minister stands up in Parliment and gives the 2009 "conclusion" then he will be misleading parliment.
The latest press release..Here.(nice move releasing it quietly and not saying anything)
We have been told that all media requests for information from the DPI regarding NSW Big Cats are now being handled by the following staff member.
Mr Nathan Cutter.
02-6391 3100