Leopard colour phases

Thought we would show the 2 colour phases of leopards.If you look carefully you can see the rosettes(shapes) in the black leopard(panther).
Some truly dumb "researchers" keep repeating "panthers are in Australia" over and over as if the mere repetition of an evidence free statement is evidence in itself.
If the black cats here are "just" .."panthers" then how come, no matter what distance/light the observer is from these animals, that 99.9999% of observers never see any rosettes.
Even when they look for them.!!!
But thinking and honesty dont always go hand in hand in cryptid research in Australia.
Many people dont know there is no animal called a "panther".
Its a reference to the genus "panthera", ie, the big cats that can vocalise/roar.
And normally means a melanistic leopard or jaguar.