East Gippsland Big Cat

And thanks to Mark and Maureen for this great report..!!
While on holidays at Bemm River in East Gippsland my partner & I were driving along a dirt track between Bemm River & an ocean beach called Pearl Point. Approximately 3 KM out of Bemm , just inside Cape Conran National Park we encountered a VERY large black cat crossing the track approximately 100-- 150 Meters in front of us. It wasn't in a hurry & just trotted off into the underbrush & disappeared. We were both bewildered as the size just didn't compute. It was obviously feline but I exclaimed "What the F---- is that? Maureen said "it's a dingo " as we had recently been talking about them. I said "no It's not' to which she replied "it's a cat, but it's too big".
By comparing it to the undergrowth where it disappeared I estimated it to be around my knee height at the shoulder, I'm 6ft 2" tall. It's color was a strange silvery black, but most odd was the LONG, THICK tail.
We reluctantly reported the encounter to the lady at the General Store at Bemm River who told us that we were the third group to have seen it.
The sighting occured at around 9.30 AM 19 April 2007.
If not for the show on Channel 7 last night I would not be game to be typing this now.
It may be worth noting that I have been a sporting shooter in the past & have shot my share of feral cats & this wasn't one.