Steve Temby TC print ?

The print found by Steven Temby in Central Victoria May 2000.

Evidence of TC (Thylacoleo) ?

I recently spoke to Steven(whom I consider one of Australia`s leading researchers) who detailed the following observations.
"I had an extremely good look at the animal from around 120 to 150metres through 10 x 30 binoculars.
It was a magnificent beast and unlike anything I had seen before.
Estimated weight would I suggest be at least 80 to 100 kg
It had a very solid,powerful and muscular appearance.
During my observation It turned to face my direction and I had a clear view of its facial features.
This was definantly not any type of big cat.I noticed the paws on its front legs were more like hands
that could grab .Like a possum that could grasp a branch or a piece of fruit.
It walked with a steady and relaxed gait.I observed it sitting standing and walking.
Up until this sighting I never paid any attention to the possibility of a TC existing.
I am now 100% convinced beyond any doubt that the TC is alive and well .
The print was found around 1600 metres from where I observed the animal."