ABC show butchers bigcat episode

The video quality improves after about 1 minute.
So the ABC gets someone called Tim Bull..who calls himself "tym the yowie man" for some ridiculous reason.Tym chases sound bites..not cats.
And for balance..the ABC gets a scientist who knows even less than Tim Bull...if thats possible.
Tim said "
black sometimes sandy..colour is not consistent"
What the hell does that mean..they are either brown or black..thats consistent.
peter mawson the zoologist knows nothing about the phenomena
There is secondary evidence like scat and hair reports and spoor reports.
Mawsons arguments against the animals is that there are none killed on the roads.
How many dogs or dingoes do you see as road kill in the bush.
Now..if large cats are a thousand times less common than these many animals would you see.
Regarding lack of skeletons..How many koala skeltons do people find in the bush...if these large felids are not as prolfic as koalas ...ergo..
No shot animals..How many pumas are shot without trained bloodhounds.?
How many are tracked without the benefit of tracking in snow.
Regarding lack of dung being supplied for possible id as a cat.
This is a mendacious suggestion...the chance of finding fresh dung...where the intestinal lining of the predator animal not degrading for DNA/species ID is nearly zero.
And who is going to do this test and do they have MT dna target markers of the big cat species for easy cross checking..not in Australia they dont.
Tim claims to have been been looking for 10 years for circus crash stories and found nothing.
What about CIRCUS ESCAPES....??????????
We have about 6 circus escape stories,most with photos of shot/tranquilised big cats.
We found those after about 2 years..
And..funnily enough..the still frame of the small female puma that was shot that was used in the story ..was of an escaped puma from a Australia.
Why did they forget to mention that.
Regarding the"mange mite" which causes "
stripes,patches,short haired etc " reports.
99.9999 % of reports of cryptid felids do not report any of those characteristics..but what the hell..who wants facts to get in the way..
Tim said "
there is .1% chance they really are out there"
Tim Bull(TYM) must have "forgotten" that he had seen the cat.
In Tim's booklet "
The adventures of Tim the yowie man" .
"ABCs-They are definitley out the Brindabella mountains,near Canberra, that I caught my only glimpse of an ABC.Until I saw it with my own eyes, I had always doubted its existence.But now,after seeing the panther like creature crouched behind a tree on the Brindabella road ,I have no doubts that ABCs are out there.."Page 50
Well done ABC on doing such a crummy and mendacious job on such an interesting really aimed for the lowest common denominator....and then shot lower...