NSW Parliment Question Time-Big Cats !!

Mr Ray Williams to the Minister for Emergency Services, and Minister for Water representing the Minister for Primary Industries, Minister for Energy, Minister for Mineral Resources, and Minister for State Development—
"Given there have now been over 320 confirmed and documented sightings by residents of a large black cat referred to as either a panther or a jaguar in the areas of the Hawkesbury electorate from Kenthurst to Maraylya, Kurrajong and Colo and that tracks of a large cat surround sites where several animals such as lambs, deer and goats have been killed and that the most recent sighting involved two small children:
What measures are currently being undertaken to remove the risk of a person or small child being attacked by these animals?"

Question asked on 9 May 2008 (session 54-1) and published in Questions & Answers Paper No. 64.No answer has been published