Queensland Big cat Sighting

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At 7.15 am on Tuesday 27/2/07 I was approx 35 kms from ********* central Qld travelling north from *********. Out of the long grass approx 50 metres in front of me on the right hand side this black animal emerged. At first I thought it was a feral pig as there are many of them in this area. In two bounds it was across the road into the long grass on the other side. I would estimate its height at about that of a large alsation dog. It was jet black and very sleek and shiny as the sun was right on its coat. It had a tail which was nearly as long as its back stuck straight out and a slight curl up at the end. It was the closest thing I have ever seen to a Panther but I think more a little larger than a couger It had cat like ears and was very fast. I stopped the car and reversed up to where it crossed as I had a camera with me but it was gone the grass was very tall and very thick and scrub was near the side of the road I couldn’t see any footprints as the undergrowth was too dense.