British Big cat conference

Exclusive: The Unveiling of Photographic Evidence of an Unknown British Species
15th February 2007
(BCIB) Big Cats in Britain 1st Annual Big Cat Conference Hull East Yorkshire – 23rd 24th 25th March 2007
Leopards? Hybrids? or a relic, indigenous species that we never knew existed alongside us, ever since the Ice Age?
Veteran British big cat researcher Di Francis has decided to reveal photographic evidence showing a body of a large unknown cat found on a river estuary in Scotland.
Di said: “We have gone a long torturous route in identifying the reality of British big cats but now in the 21st century, the question is not are they here, but what are they?
“An elderly couple while walking along a beach near the river estuary in Oban, Scotland, found the body of a puma-sized silver grey female cat with a faint ginger stripe across its face and a white or cream chest; washed up on the beach.”
Di Francis will be revealing the photographs for the first time at the Annual Big Cats in Britain Conference held in Hull at the Dorchester Hotel on the weekend of the 24th March. Her new book Cat Country Revisited is soon to be published.
Conference organiser and Big Cats in Britain founder Mark Fraser said: “I have been aware of these photographs for several years but have not yet seen them, I am as eager as everyone else.
“Controversy is sure to arise at the conference which is attracting delegates from all over the country. Other speakers will include zoologist Chris Moiser, CFZ Director Jonathan Downes, police officers, researchers, authors, South African trackers, scientists, witnesses; all with one common aim which is to discover just exactly what large felines are roaming the British Isles.”
BCIB Argyllshire representative Shaun Stevens will also be presenting results of a year long study into exotic animals in the British Isles using data he received through the Freedom of Information Act. Shaun said: "There are many researchers out there desperate to view this ground breaking evidence. It could be a catalyst in changing the perception of the big cat phenomena in the UK for ever" Tickets for the full weekend are £20 - day tickets £14
For more information visit the website or contact Mark Fraser on 01563 551710 – 07940 016972 Email:
The event has a packed itinerary which also includes debates, film shows, a raffle, quiz, displays, stands and book stall.
A copy of the full itinerary can be sent out on request.