Big Cat ex-purr-ts can be MAD :)

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From a sociological perspective , "
big cat hunting" is fraught with gold for studying humans and how they interact,nearly as much as trying to study the elusive Australian big cats .
Who can be crazier than people claiming to see
big cats in Australia.
The "researchers" themselves.
Nutbag Number 1-Overseas desk bound "expert" claiming the
Gippsland Phantom Cat case did not have the tail examined by a scientist.When I replied that it was examined by a biologist at Melbourne Museum this "expert" replies "but he is not a vet".HUH.This "expert" actually thought his examination of a low resolution photo on the net was more logical than a biologist examining the tail.Last I heard from this no body..he had created a fake email and posted on a tiny board that I had claimed to had shot the animal but had been caught out...
Damn...caught out again.. :)
Thats the funniest "expert" we have cleaned up for awhile.
Nutbag number 2-Phones me up and claims to have 22 minutes of video of a jaguar and cubs in the australian bush....."this is worth big $$$" he says.So I drive a zillion miles and watch 2 seconds of a blob on a rock ...."guess I was a little over excited" nut bag number 2 says.But the classic line was as I was leaving.He looks at his arm, which had scars on it and say "sometimes when I experience something weird, to make sure I was not hallucinating I cut my arm..and if the cut is there later..It was reality".
Use a machete next time mate...
Nutbag 3-We filmed a large feral cat skin.I place the tape measure, on the flat skin and video the measurement. Nutbag 3 goes "dubious the way you filmed that".I ask it how they would have filmed it..silence.Then nutbag 3 goes"obviously faked the footage of the skull to make it look bigger".I post stills of the skull lying right next to the tape..nutbag 3 slithers off in silence.Truly scary out there in net land..the bush is saner.. :)