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Hello I am writing to you, as I myself have encountered one these creatures,which at the time the only explanation for it was a PANTHER. We were camping at ******, at the main weir. ********* is about an hour out from *********** N.S.W. It was late that night, we had angel my dog with us, and our tent was about 200 ft away from us, the sky was full of stars that night and was eerily quiet.Suddenly angel starts barking and growling and we hear loud crashing noisesthrough the scrub, it sounds like a herd of kangaroos, angels growling tells me shes scared, as she wouldnt go and investigate and stayed right by side, I shine the torch light on to where the tent is, and I see something moving around the tent, as I look intently to the dark image all of a sudden I see eyes big green illuminating eyes staring into the torch light at this point it really gets my interest and then I see the shape of its body and its tail, just like a Panther, I said to my friend Bill look green eyes big green eyes, what the f.....! is that, he takes the torch and heads towards the tent, calling out to angel to go with him, she was barking continuously at this point, and had no intentions of following him, she was staying right by side, as if she knew what it was!! Bill was yelling at it, saying "oy get away" several times, then he got closer, and saw a closer image it sat on the crevice of the hill only metres away from him, he said as he shone the torch on it, it was sitting there just staring back at him with the big green eyes I was talking about, at this point Bill knew it didnt fear him,and then slowly turned turned away into the night. When Bill came back to me he was shaking and said it was like nothing hes ever seen out in the bush, we both described it as panther, Angel, Bill and I spent that night in the car, just completely flawed by what we had seen.The next morning we searched for footprints around the camp site where we saw it, but the ground was covered mostly in leaves and debri. I am glad we are not the only ones, to have seen this big cat, and ever since then have been interested in it, and its where abouts, There is a place called the ###### lakes in ########, which is where people go and feed the ducks, its out the south and have seen huge footprints in the mud of what looks like a big cat, A lot of ducks have gone missing, and the local security officer that locks the zinc lakes up at night claims the foxes come and eat them, I have seen several large bones scattered in a dark bushy area, this would be an ideal spot for the big cats to settle for awhile, as I dont think they would stay for a long period of time in one spot, they dont fear man, but I think they are smart enough to know not to attack man.Thank you for reading this, if I have any other conclusive proof of the panthers, I will let you know, I take my camera just about everywhere I go now.
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